The Pride Of The Mysterious Master

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Gladness to leave us astray tried,
Ah’, how wonderfully we loved each other to hold,
Each other floating than drown in unbearable pain,
Never will I part a thought without you in it.

Sadness to spread through our unspoken love tried,
And broke our thoughts, words, and sight of each other,
Oh’, you became the reason for all my reasons to breathe,
And every bit of pain drowned with sadness leaving me smiling.

What gathered you together to speak your mind to mine?
Ah’, the unspoken love gained the beauty of your soul and spread,
Into every ray of light of sun and stars and touched the universe,
Look above dear to see the wonderful poetry your love became.

And in pride, I smiled as always in the corner of your mind I was,
The mysterious man whom you loved through my mystic ways,
And the mastery of that mystic made you a better lover and a poet,
Who in hearts of humanity wrote poems of love the moment all saw you.

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Photo by Ilyuza Mingazova on Unsplash

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