Love Filled Tears In Her Eyes.

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Wandered through the city lights I left no face unchecked,
Mind dragged on to see those eyes but the falling rain loved,
The unkissed cold cheeks of mine and the winds sang,
A melancholic tune repeated every season when alone I smirked.

I searched and searched until I can’t see anymore,
My ears listened and listened until I can’t hear anymore,
Heart yearned and yearned until I can breathe anymore,
Oh’, for me the ever-expanding universe has no room to expand.

I felt my eyebrows in my hand when the car started,
Where will I go empty-handed and empty-hearted,
What dreams I can weave in this rough and tough world,
Bring to me fate the unwritten chapter of my love story.

The lake passed by my eyes like an empty sheet waiting,
Upon which I must write the lines of verses about all I felt,
Never can I succumb to the suspicions of a transient world,
As in my mind’s eyes, I see the love-filled tears in her eyes.

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Photo by Masha Raymers from Pexels

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