The Answered Prayers.

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Wild horses in freedom galloped through the great plain lands,
And phantoms of great many souls for opportunities passed them by,
Years wrote stories and stories wrote history near lands he stood,
Where a kettle whistled and a steak upon coals grilled.

The saddening memories of many souls unknown lingered,
Oh’, the deepening emotions with those memories blended,
How far away he will drive through the roads of the great dream,
The success of many, failures of many, the great American dream.

Waves of lives he watched passing by, then he too started his drive,
How far away he will drive through these roads he knew not,
But at every mile passed again and again to shed the memories he tried,
Again and again, he failed a stood alone with a handful of tears.

Then one day he raised his hands and to the divine force he asked,
“Didn’t I prove to you that I am faithful, honest, and loyal?
Not asking rewards like the devil once asked you,
But reward me with happiness on earth through her love.”.

That car drove a little more before turning back to where all began.

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Photo by Ramiro Pianarosa on Unsplash

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