The Twin Flames.

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Sleepless nights, Oh’, what heartaches became headaches,
Life went by became shadows of haunting figures and danced,
Along with the flickering flames of a fireplace deep inside burned,
Oh’, time cannot run out, the seeking forgiveness meaningless,

In the eyes of love, the lover, who offers love, unconditionally.
Who understands silence through love, ah’, given unknowingly,
As she traveled through land, air, and water in thoughts carrying,
Baggage she doesn’t want him to know, yet, forgiveness she seeks.

Oh’, those days, those childhood days, when life in every way mocked,
The plight she took in passions though deep inside found compassion,
When eyes of love she saw and when love of him lit a little fire,
That consumed her day and night with love, through love, and fulfillment.

In the aches he felt he screamed, “Oh’, dear, my dearest, power of love,
Of yours I feel and to you, I want to come. For the cloak of this world,
The meaning of flesh and meat on us, Ah’, when dried and drowned,
Our souls will stand united spreading light in the flames you carry.”.

And time shall remember the twin flames we are, meant for each other.

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Photo by Jade Scarlato on Unsplash

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