A Fulfilled Poet.

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Silent will not be this poet as through his poetics he will show,
The bare naked truth that looks like a lie, sounds like a lie,
And in all honesty, makes you feel like you’ve been lied to,
His never-ending journey, destinations built-in miraculous mirages.

When heart broke silence and senses in unison woke with love,
Ah’, her face embedded in his soul, waking from a deep long sleep,
And through verses in beauty, darkness, and light he tried,
To wake her soul, but the senseless, lie-filled world veiled his love.

A story, again and again, to tell her and the wicked world he tried,
But a poet’s lie his mind forgot, and the truth lost, in a world of lies,
And his verses blended into the reality of times and stretched,
Every vein to make a tune of life for both, a tune without music.

The winter season sang its hard-rock song in an old tune,
The dried barks of trees screeched and the snow owl flew,
Ah’, nature filled with sounds even when love never spoke,
Then in the silence brought to lips sounds of nature he heard,

The song of her heart filled with love she weaved from his poetry.

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Photo by Jose Martinez on Unsplash

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