A Game Of Romance.

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Have you seen the face of a roaring lion?
Have you seen the screaming waves of the ocean?
Have you stepped on the head of a wild mountain?
Ah’, upon which I stand seeing the face of a lion,

In the backdrop of an ocean of love in your heart.
What price do you pay to drown that love you feel?
What price do you pay to seek happiness so untrue?
Oh’, do you smile when you think about my love for you,

The love bruised and bashed in shores of your love.
Let the footprints of the worldly girl be erased,
By the waves of your love that wash ashore seeking,
Truth, honesty, sincerity, and sanctity of my heart.

Oh’, dear, the dearest, you shall not have to suffer,
To ornament your material life with momentary gladness,
You don’t have to pay any price to feel unromantic spirituality,
Feel your good in the love you feel from the depth of my heart.

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Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

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