A Valiant Warrior.

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Silence loomed all over the valley of the battlefield,
Ah’, armors tightened, spears and swords sharpened,
Looking back at the ways past, Oh’, life’s mischiefs,
Now all behind, an army ahead to fight, the warrior stood.

Drums and bugles screamed, soldiers screamed out loud,
More screams inside exploded, life and death faced against,
What led to the battlefield meaningless, who goes victorious,
More meaningless as for a bit of land, love, or vengeance all set to fight.

What rhetoric led them to leave all emotions? Oh’, none cared,
Then in the middle upon a horse, he came, the warrior who charged,
His horse killed, sword lost and he fought with shields and spears,
The battle raged and through dust, blood, and screams he fought.

Night came, lanterns and torches at each other led and warriors fought,
Dead drowned in blood, living fought in thirst of blood,
Shattered shields, broken spears, and burned out armors all he felt,
Nothing stopped the warrior from the victorious laughs when day broke.

When upon the hill he stood as sun blazed the horizons he thought,
What was it all about? Why so many fell? Why no wounds on him hurt?
Turning he saw a friend stretching his lost sword to him in respect,
He wiped his tears as he knows a truth he now knows well,

No matter how many battles in life and battlefield he may win,
The wound in his heart left by her won’t ever heal with any tears.

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Photo by Nikola Topić on Unsplash

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