My Love For Her.

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My love for her into the infinite spread,
Beyond what humanity with five senses discovered,
Out through the galaxies and stars, dust and frozen gas,
Ah’, warmed them all even where light and air never touched.

My love for her thrived in hearts that touched her,
Far more than humanity in all compassion ever imagined,
The ever-evolving nature and all her living stood in witness,
As my love for her even in pain and suffering in her heart perfected.

My love for her, Oh’, through every vein of her spread,
Passions of youth with confusions of the wicked world combined,
Ah’, to drown my love she tried and melancholy in heart prevailed,
And helpless, tear-filled, and lonely I stood as a tragedy.

My love for her, Oh’, forever in me will live and spread,
Through every corner of the universe urging for her a prayer,
And through every prayer plead I will for her mind to clear,
And learn the love in her for me is the reason for my love for her.

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