Dear Heart.

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Love has such a power that it brings even the strongest,
To his or her knees in tears, they may not otherwise shed,
Such were the thoughts, mind believed through malformed content,
By bystanders and gossipers whose business otherwise was boredom.

I once met a girl who taught me in my training of machine language,
Her charms were in the way she talked with command and respect,
Language of her body and giggles gave a young man wrong thoughts,
Those thoughts he cherished and wrote a letter to his own heart.

“Dear Heart”, I wrote then paused and smiled and then again wrote,
“Leave no stones unturned when all senses deliver what they felt.
Leave no thoughts behind when you pulse through the dreams weaved,
Enchant and bring me to my knees for her to take my hand in marriage.”

I thought again and again and many days passed with her flirty lessons,
Then one day all my thoughts I left and to talk to her I waited,
She walked by with a smile and wave with no words I can decipher,
Climbing on the back of a motorbike of a man she hugged and kissed.

That day I wrote, “Dear Heart, love felt but unattained is a rugged mount,
From the umbilical cord to the knot of life humans will learn to love in life,
Every failure is a disassembly of heart and soul then we all learn,
To gather the shattered pieces and move on to the next, hiding aches.”.

Years became decades and nothing attracted me to love anymore,
Through wilderness and cantankerous civility I passed with ease,
No more fails and then I slipped and failed to fall but stood with a smile,
She didn’t smile, heart didn’t break, glow of soul didn’t fade.

For I know she is the only one I truly love, all others a well learned lesson,
To gain patience, to understand her love, and love her better,
Ah’, life showed the mighty power of God through heart and soul,
I dream no more but live the dreams I made, from umbilical cord till now.

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Photo by Alexander Jawfox on Unsplash

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