From A Future Day.

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I once sat beside the sea and wondered about stars,
Ah’, that evening I laid then by the waves and watched,
Those little lucky beads scattered across heavens,
Light years away but still making my little heart pleasant.

I once sat under an old tree, way older than anything I knew,
And I listened to the wind that made her sway and sing,
Those little songs to my little heart told to find a place,
To root and branch out like and be patient with changes.

I once sat upon a hill so high, the clouds kissed me on my lips,
The hill told me many tales of lovers who sat where I sat,
Those lovers and their giggles, their little games to make each other,
Shower with gladness no matter what price they may pay.

I recently sat on my armchair and read my own writings,
Oh’, how wonderful I felt for the days that passed me by,
Someday I will hold her hands and beside a fireplace, I will sit,
And write with her a poem about the gladness of love she gave.

That day I will look back at this day and laugh at me for being sad.

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Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

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