Sweating On A Snowy Evening.

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My lips were locked on evening sun in this frozen tundra,
Dragon like clouds took fire from the twilight and spit,
But O’, the old man winter stood strong and brought,
Those drops of clouds into the unmelting snowflakes.

Silent stood my Pinetree and tired he too looked,
Stood I like a knight guarding his precious lands,
Shovels scratched all around as people made paths,
My conscience asked, “Is there a way to me they clear?”.

The cold never touched me as from deep inside I warmed,
The warmth that made the air I exhaled visible to all,
And to the air around from the bottom of my heart, I asked,
“Have you touched her face?”, with her image clearly in my mind.

I walked back home as night touched the day with his dark-lit hand,
My love for winter somedays backfires like this day but still, I smiled,
As I know the sweat I shed in these frozen days are all,
Filled with love I brewed in my heart only for my Little Boss.

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