The Insanity.

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The snow fell in the town and through I drove,
The fire inside the engine kept the body warm,
The passers-by slow and steady and all smiled,
Oh’, what wonderful gladness in the air spread.

I looked up and all around and I felt the same,
Like all who went by, glad for reasons unknown,
Though in my mind always a sweet smile I kept,
That gave reasons to be glad even in darker times.

That smile also fills all my dreams and to me speak,
Newness of love she felt even in her darker days,
Somewhere in her depths all through her life she felt,
Unknown lover who found new ways to love her more.

Still a deeply rooted chill like the winter, in my heart I felt,
The winter that may forever stay snowing with no sight,
Of any color-filled spring in my remaining living days,
Unless smile in my dream I see become the only reality.

Such thoughts carried me to my home in emptiness waited,
No thoughts, no dreams, still the darkness in mind I erased,
With a new image in my heart from memories, I drew,
An image in perfection loved me more and more every second.

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Photo by Cristiano Temporin on Unsplash

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