The Forgiveness.

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God owes me nothing for I owe to God all my sincerity,
The roads of perfection I once tried to walk and found,
Those roads perished as humanity left them all disused,
Through the wrongs of life I went, still, God gave me love.

Those disused paths in my mind I always kept,
Every wrong I have done perished without a trace,
The laughs of the devil in a chaotic world went unheard,
The warning sirens went off full-blown and I cared not.

When about to take the tasks of life’s mission I raised,
Both my hands and I prayed to God for blessings and luck,
Then the roads ahead of me perished and a thought came,
Oh’, God had forsaken me in the wilderness of life in critical time.

Every step to every side, all looked same with darkness filled,
All knowledge learned through I searched to find a new way,
Nothing brightened and alone, helpless, unmoving I stood,
One knowledge I gained told, Never to lose hope in God.

Then I thought, why would God help me for I abandoned,
My promises and away from his ways deviated,
That thought was defeated by a light-filled thought,
Upon a stead came and said, “He is mighty and Just.”.

I sat down with my head bowed in remorse and regret,
Nothing I heard, nothing I saw, no leaves moved,
I can’t feel my own breath nor the beat of my heart,
Then a great thought came from my soul that said,

“Forgiven is the one who bows in true remorse,
Forgiveness you feel when love God gave you on Earth,
Didn’t you feel the beat of her heart at least once,
Know well, you are forgiven and she is your only path.”.

I sat there for a long time as life all around me filled,
I learned the lesson that all around me are a reason,
I learned forgiveness I can only earn by forgiving,
I walked and every step left light for future to follow.

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Photo by Farhan Abas on Unsplash

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