The Farewell.

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My conscience held my hand like a tyrant held his throne,
Life boasted about my good deeds and hid all my bad ones,
The ones that made me a little man than the iron and starched,
Who walked by treasures of the ocean of the material world,
And chose a lonely desert where life stays hidden.

I searched not any hidden paths nor the hidden living under,
Walked through the blazing heat and the frozen nights,
Nothing brought me down in will-power fueled journey,
My poetry flew into thin air and my story untold remained,
Ah’, no quicksand drowned me even when I wanted.

I rhymed not with anything in my journey through zeroes and ones,
I famed not as that world never found the desert dweller,
No fortunes anywhere I sought to cloak my body that cloaked,
The soul once as an empty vessel I carried through wilder greenery,
My soul as a fortune unfound so my journey goes unnoticed.

If searched, Ah’, you will find, I loved and I lived her love,
I lost and I live through pain given by her even in the desert,
Ah’ those flowers I see are strong and no winds or heat can break,
Their will to sprout, survive and succeed beyond all despairs known,
The steps ahead though through forceful loneliness will be happy.

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