The Solitary Soulmate.

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The verses written, the ink has dried, the love conveyed,
The sheets lay all around, in every bit of reality, scattered,
Like the life my love gave me when about loving you I spoke,
The tests of life everything existing thought I failed but not me.

A liar I am not, a hero I am not, a humble human I am not,
I am the one who looked at and in that instant knew,
All the meanings of the meaningless, all the hidden, revealed,
As such was the power of love for me, Ah’, in your eyes I saw.

Oh’, dear, my soulmate, love cannot be given or felt in solitude,
Love felt cannot be hidden or kept suppressed for any reason,
For the pain through life comes, Oh’, so unbearable it will become,
The weeping eyes will pray to your soul to accept me in your love.

I am no street-mongrel begging for a piece of moldy bread,
I am no stranger whom up close you know not nor understood,
I am not the villain in folklore trying to steal a princess into darkness,
I am the one your soul into your whole being whispered as Soulmate.

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Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

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