The Unseen Island

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My life became an unseen Island,
A place where no one dared to roam.
There, all surrounded by unknowns, alone,
Waves dancing and crashing against my shore.

The skies above were dark and bleak,
The mighty sun had lost its shine.
But still, I stood there alone and tall,
A beacon in the darkest paths of night.

My heart was heavy, sadness weighed me down,
By the burdens of the long gone past.
But still, like a parasite, I held my ground,
In the brutality of life, weathered and steadfast.

The winds of change from around the world blew hard,
Threatening in every way known, to tear me down.
But with all experience fueling me to yield, I refused
From lost boats and broken bridges, a survivor on my own.

In every reality, my life became an unseen Island,
But in all truth a place where I could be free.
And though the world in time may forget me,
Through my verses, I will stand here, eternally.

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Photo by Lance Reis on Unsplash

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