The Arrival Of The Gift

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Ramadan, the month of fasting and peace,
Where spirituality, in reality, finds its release.
A time to reflect life of peace and to pray,
To cleanse the soul from sins in every way.

The sun rises from east above the horizon,
And the day begins with the call of the muezzin.
Fasting from dawn to dusk, leaving all the luxuries,
A sacrifice that brings us a step closer to Allah.

The stomach may growl and grumble,
But the heart is filled with peace and humility.
As we break our fast with dates and water,
Grateful for the sustenance that Allah has provided.

The night comes alive with dhikir and Tarawih,
A prayer that rejuvenates the soul in absolute submission.
And the Quran recited in every verse,
Guiding us on the path of peaceful righteousness.

The month of Ramadan given by Allah as a gift,
A chance to improve soul and body and uplift.
To gain in a wild world compassion and forgiveness,
And defeat evil by spreading love and kindness.

Let us embrace this gift of Allah the holy month,
With open hearts and minds filled with love.
May we find peace and contentment in divine,
And be blessed with forgiveness in Allah’s mercy divine.

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Photo by Imad Alassiry on Unsplash

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