The Struggle Of Silence.

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In the stillness of spiritual meditation,
Whole nature dissolves into body’s sensation,
As we quiet the mind and open the heart,
The love of Allah envelops every part.

The rustling leaves, the chirping birds,
The buzzing bees, the gentle words,
All become one with our very being,
In this moment of pure seeing.

The breeze caresses, the sun’s warm embrace,
The earth’s grounding, the water’s grace,
All merge into a divine cosmic dance,
As we dissolve into this divine trance.

The universe vibrates with a sacred sound,
As we merge with its rhythm profound,
The love of Allah echoes in every beat,
As we surrender to its heavenly heat.

The boundaries of self disappear,
As we enter a state of pure being here,
The love of Allah permeates all space,
As we dissolve into its divine embrace,

The struggle of silence completes.

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Photo by Emad Mahmoud on Unsplash

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