To Cure The Real Disease

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In a world that shuns the hurt within,
The health of mind is still a social sin.
A taboo, in-topic we would rather ignore,
And sweep under the rug, forevermore.

But as the pressure inside builds,
Some to violence turn, as a misguided guide.
They lash out in public, for all to see,
A cry for help, for their agony to be set free.

Yet still, we turn away with a blind eye,
To the root of the problem, we deny.
And blame the individual, not society’s neglect,
And continue to ignore the signs, with no respect.

Time to heal the real disease, break this social taboo,
To acknowledge that mental health is true.
Open up O’ World, to start a conversation,
And support those in need, without hesitation.

Let’s offer hope in peace and healing,
Instead of judgment and concealing.
For when we embrace those in need,
We’ll see a brighter future, indeed.

So let’s break down this wall of shame,
And pave the way for a world without blame.
Where health of mind is no longer a taboo,
And those in pain can find solace anew.

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Photo by Matthew Ball on Unsplash

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