Lessons From Childish Romances

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Mind colorless through a rollercoaster whizzed,
A billion images like in a kaleidoscope painted,
And into time disappeared those designs forever,
Oh’, senses in the senseless found an unholy union.

Somewhere in that rollercoaster ride a face smiled,
And to my soul I said to search and search for a spot,
To imprint that smile with a note of childish romance,
Soul found ways to laugh at my naughty thoughts.

Space and time those twins of science found new ways,
To drag me who thought of staying put in a comfy spot,
They both drowned way behind in that whizzed ride,
And now another twin held my hands through the unknowns.

As if awaken from a nasty dream I stood,
Where is darkness I screamed as light filled all around,
The twins drowned yet again into that whizzed ride.
My soul expected another twin to carry me through.

No stop for even a quick breath from life,
And all moved but only my left hand was held,
I looked right and nothing I found but a red rose,
And my left side held tight through new beginnings.

The boisterous laughs of my soul filled my ears,
And to my left I looked and saw the imprinted smile in real,
Lessons from those naughty childish romances told me,
To stretch the rose time left in my hand and kneel.

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Lessons From Childish Romances

Photo by Abdul Gani M on Unsplash

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