Mythology Of Happiness

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Longed and longed all through her life,
Through silent shores alone she walked,
Where waves abandoned her footprints,
And trees shed leaves not giving shade.

The luck of life unapologetically ignored,
Her life in ways for many unimaginable,
Nothing waited for her in space and time,
She existed as if none through sense can feel.

Longed and longed for a bit of love and shed,
Many lonely tears away from celebrations,
Of the wealthy, charmed, and even the normals,
What is a day she knew not, directions mattered not.

Then the world through time took a turn,
And light fell all over her and her heartbeat heard,
Her looks looked upon, her voice, sang back,
Colors her dreams found, love in her garden bloomed.

His voice she heard in every sound around,
That fills her loving heart with joy and peace
His gentle touch she felt in every breeze
That caresses her skin with gentle grace

His smiling face she saw in every dream
That brightened up her lonely nights
His sweet kiss she tasted in every bite
That sweetens her lips with honeyed delight

His scent she smelt in every wildflower
That bloomed around her with fragrant love
His loving soul she learned in every hour
That connects her to him from above.

Mythology of happiness around her found,
Reality through love all around radiated,
Fragments of gladness she once wished, united,
To pave paths in fulfillment to eternal love.

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Photo by Ruslan Fatihov on Unsplash

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