Truth About True Love.

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True love is like a mother’s embrace,
A lifelong bond that nothing can replace,
For she can only conceive you once,
Carry you and deliver you, a spiritual dance.

Though others may look, speak and act the same,
None can compare to your mother’s name,
For she’s the one who gave you birth,
And loved you from the moment of your first.

The purity of her love is like an endless sea,
A heart-filled love that’s true and always free,
And though others may try hard to replicate,
None wholeheartedly can ever duplicate.

For true love is like a mother’s pure heart,
Love even in the worst storms can never fall apart,
Love in sincerity that is given without end,
Love unconditionally cherished by her friend.

So in this wild world if you ever feel alone,
Remember the love that you have known,
For true love is like your mother’s care,
A love in all its purity that’s always there.

Truth most times takes a silent path to reach,
As through it none can easily pass and teach,
Humanity to humans in lessons of a spiritual act
As true love indeed will express a divine fact.

None of us should fall victim to the whims,
And betrayal of another mocking soul,
Love indeed must be an expression of deep,
Feelings from one soul to another one must not hide.

If a soulmate from paths of truth treads astray,
Ah’, the other will become a motherless child,
A soul lost in darkness, frost, and fog, perpetually,
Where loneliness ghosts in dances of wrath.

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Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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