Decorated Doors.

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Those doors, Ah’, so pretty and wonderfully decorated,
They stood in might keeping what is inside, safe,
Each decoration we placed as an invitation,
To enter a place where imagination will newly define,

Define wonders in mind and filling soul,
With the touch of another mind in waiting,
For someone to knock, wait, and enter in peace,
Peace of love only weaved for the one behind the door.

Those are minds inside and from childhood I have heard,
About those doors and through life I searched and found,
Many looked decorated for my mind’s pleasant attraction,
And I knocked, knocked, and again and again knocked,

None answered, Oh’, those decorations in time evolved,
To mocking graffiti that weaved many nightmares,
Knowledge of ages and my own experience taught,
Meanings of those decorations meant nothing to true love.

Still, as through life in my own peace I pass, I notice,
Wonderfully decorated doors bring passionate attraction,
To mind and peaceful touch deep in my soul, Ah’, a craving,
From that old habit filled with hope, I still knock and knock.

Till now, none answered.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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