Thrilling Moments.

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Through wilder ways life goes on, it never stops
Thrilling moments that hold our breath at every hop
As none can predict combinations of what’s in store
But that’s what makes life worth more, unboring.

The thrill of chasing to know the unknown
In challenge keeps us on our toes alone
None can define what good or bad lies ahead
Through time and space, we face all with courage instead

Challenges petty, pretty, and hard may come our way
And in the brutality of the rights and wrongs we sway
But in that dynamics, we find our strength within
And knowingly or unknowingly the thrill of life we begin

From morning through night, we take on each day with zeal
The thrill of life, sprouting to end we can feel
As we thrive in ecstasy of the present moment
And with passion make the most of what’s potent

Life like a galloping horse goes on, and so do we
The thrill of life, through every sense we can feel,
None else, no matter how good, can define it for us
For we must live life with pious and peaceful trust.

When that trust one can find in another heart,
The thrill of life becomes the perfect art,
The beauty of life comes not with garlands and bells,
She comes and showers us with surprising gladness.

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Photo by Natalya Ukolova on Unsplash

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