Hunter Of Misfortunes.

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The nature like an artwork of magnificence stood,
Even as fall rain fell on all and everything stood soaked,
The waterproof gear kept me dry and every sense in alert,
Even through falling rain, moving steps of my prey I heard.

Step, by step I closed and on the way, I shed all sadness,
Then for my prey to step into my sight, sat and waited,
The scope brought details from far to up close,
And what near, Oh’, forgetfully by senses ignored.

The mind spread through the growth around as if in a spell,
And senses spread hand in hand like a net through I felt,
Every bit of living, growing and the unliving nature laid,
The waiting ended, the prey in my sight, finger on trigger placed.

Before I pressed a thought through my senses spread,
A question “Is there a better killer of my misfortunes?”,
Nature and senses shown a better killer than my conscience,
One flower, well bloomed, like a smiling Little Boss she stood.

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Photo by Daniel Balaure on Unsplash

A Romantic Dance In Solitude.

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The mirrors feared if I looked at them so I did not,
The birds silently sat as in meditation I walked,
The winds not to carry any scent of me so stayed afar,
Oh’, the world, times beyond, without her love, unfortunate I am.

As her love in silent reverie danced in solitude,
Ah’, in my mind images I painted a life of happy times,
Where held hands and locked lips wrote romances unspoken,
But felt by generations to come from heaven and ones reached heaven.

As my love I weighed against all the valuable humanity valued,
Ah’, not a grain of sand less felt even after the pitfalls of my errors,
Oh’, the ever forgiving God taught me to love better,
In good times, harsh times and in times when all I feel is Godly love.

So I see the mirrors brightened and clear to welcome my face,
Birds joining me in meditation with a flyby and hymn,
The winds swaying branches and joining the giggle of beauties,
Feeling the dance of the silent reverie may not be forever in solitude.

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Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

A Smile That Warmed The Autumn.

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The fallen rain joined hands on the ground and united,
They giggled at the drops coming from the sky in haste,
The wind swayed the trees and brought down in excitement,
Those little drops between the branches and leaves stuck.

When walking beneath the cold-free rain I thought,
How blessed are those birds in love with each other,
Together they sat and gave ears some last min songs,
Before their flight to the warm southern lands.

The fallen leaves signified the new season’s arrival,
But air still in the memory of summer stayed warm,
Beneath those leaves the of a lifetime of love lie,
Love with the imaginary skin touch of yours weaved.

Oh’, upon those leaves I didn’t walk as I felt,
The love beneath those so valuable but unclaimed,
Sadness tried her best to console my tired heart,
But thoughts about your happiness made me smile.

The smile that kept the air warm even in the autumn rain.

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Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

The Lost Sadness.

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Where did you lose your sadness conscience?
Did you see a dream that shown her pretty face?
Or did you feel the charms of her love from far?
Your happy dance inspires the day to be brighter.

New depths in meanings light rays found,
When images of the natural world shown,
New definitions of senses found,
When our love-filled souls light rays touched.

Deny not O’ Dear, deny not the inspiration,
Nature wields from your love to fill my heart,
The only pleasure that gives me a reason to smile,
When life in fragments of life touched me to stay alive.

The paths to love, the reasons for fulfillment you know,
The longer you sit and wait for the fog to clear,
Ah’, the thicker the fog becomes for life know nothing,
About the touch of love, every moment from my heart you feel.

Oh’, conscience now I know where our sadness you lost,
For the thoughts of fulfillment of life through her love,
With love for her given in my heart the God-given blessing,
Brought pleasantness in every moment of the present.

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

A Homely Meal.

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Sliced vegetables and meat seasoned to perfection,
The hot pan well greased with butter sizzled in yearning,
And the pan won as slowly the vegetables cooked,
Then the tendered meat joined the dance with a pinch of salt.

Bread baked to crisp waited, rice cooked to softness cooled,
Oh’, stew well prepared, bread and rice added taste,
The cooled lemonade and mint calmed the food inside.
All gave a feeling of a trek in a mountain valley in spring.

All through the meal, the birds at the feeder I watched,
Only companions who will all fly away at the sight of me,
The taste of the meal never lessened at the lonely thoughts,
The taste twisted in my mouth, maybe a prayer from a bird.

When washing the dishes a thought through my mind came,
What if she smiled at the taste of all the food I made?
All the prayer-filled taste of the meal I made vanished,
As I know I made a meal in a house, not a homely meal.

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Photo by Karly Gomez on Unsplash

The Unapproachable Dream.

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Today came to me from the pulse of yesterdays,
Where you and I for love of each other gathered,
The unpredictable, the unknown, forever in waiting,
But love was an unapproachable dream that faded.

Yesterday looked at today with fantasy and smiled,
Ah’, the unbearable irony of the dynamics of life pained,
Yet, in it all the shell stays a pearl showing value and beauty,
Such a timeline with events filled ah’, lucky you and I, called it life.

Oh’, tomorrow is a road today looks at as the journey continues,
My legs thrived for the warm caress of the dust and air,
And my arms wept for the emptiness left in hand by fate,
As the unapproachable dream cannot be seen at all.

Still, the fingers stretched into imaginary warmth and sweat,
Filled with love and care only in the heart of you can birth,
Is this another passing image that sets with the autumn sun?
Or Is this the start of the fulfillment of that unapproachable dream?

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Photo by Mak on Unsplash

The Abandoned Identity.

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The waves one by one to my feet came,
And in embraces around my feet, they slept,
For they know reasons why in the cold morn,
Beside the lake, sorrow-filled I stood.

Oh’, one pride-filled besides the lake I stood,
The pride of the self-sustaining man in me grew,
Ah’, through only loneliness I achieved,
A darkness none saw but in my soul, I felt.

Tears World and its wickedness into eyes brought,
None to wipe so I let them dry in fabricated happy smiles,
“How long loveless will you live?” conscience questioned,
“Happiness for me is a forceful act”, I replied with audacity.

Such a life I lived and self-pride and audacity in me increased,
Then life paused as she came as the boss of my heart,
Every beat of my heart, every bit of blood, Oh’, only to find love,
For her worked, ah’, my pride-filled days taught to find happiness,

Happiness, even in her rejection, happiness, even when sorrow fought.
Oh’, the cold morn gave warmth in the fall to leave everything for her,
Only love for her I kept leaving the lonely, leaving the audacity filled,
Leaving the pride that I am something as in her love I dissolve.

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Photo by Kovah on Unsplash

A Tragedy To Celebrate.

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Oh’, many, many battles humans fought,
For good, bad by good and bad, won and lost,
Many battles without weapons fought,
Most lost, some won ah’, the successful wrote history.

Emotions wept, then in gladness celebrated,
Love brewed from the soul and spread to every vein,
Senses united and saw lover in a new view to mankind,
The successful romanced, the lost lovers wrote poetry.

Gathered every bit of my thoughts, Oh’, she loved inside,
Her world, her perceptions, her convictions all stood against,
And into the darkness of her mind the love for me she pushed,
What is success or failure? Ah’, deviation from conventional can say.

Conscience, friends, relations all united to speak for my peace,
Oh’, I asked no questions for I have no doubts to clear,
My mind cleared the moment I saw shine in her eyes,
So the rest of my life I will give her the best of me.

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Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

Sorrow Of The Penancing Sage.

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Heart beats to find a rhythm for the body to follow,
Perplexing times in narrowed spaces no rhythms found,
So all arrows of the life at the unloved soul turned,
The very thought about love ah’, an endless torture.

But from deep inside the soul the courage he found,
Where colors of all that world adore meant nothing,
The paths the world paved with rubbish filled,
And they led to pastures that shown unrecognizable mirages.

Oh’, each wish inside his soul with her face he weaved,
And every one of those wishes he strung together,
Ah’, dedicated every bit of his energy in those wishes,
But a penancing sage he became, alone, in some wilderness.

Not so far, not really near she stood, sat, slept but left,
Him in his penance as the world in all its colors around her danced,
Those chaos blurred vision deafened her and drowned the felt love,
A drop of tear rolled down Sage’s cheek to become ink of his verse.

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Broken Sadness.

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Sunshine upon the bay fallen,
Showing the shore in light warmth of fall,
Like a billion stars little pebbles shined,
But outshined them all your love-filled smiles.

Conscience asked, “How can you touch her?”,
With a smile on the corner of my lips, I said,
“I can but hands need to stretch beyond dimension,
And further than imaginations, into a beautiful soul.”.

In the look of a child gladness shy-filled stood,
And to him with a caring smile, I said,
“When to her I convey my love you will see,
Your reflection on her face in my eyes.”.

Away from sight, somewhere in dark, I heard,
The sobbing of all sadness in my heart I felt,
When alone I wandered without feeling her presence,
That sadness now broken and weeping in prayers for our love.

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Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash