The Queen Of Spring

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She sits among the flowers
With a smile that lights the day
Her hair is like a golden stream
That flows in a gentle sway

She wears a dress of lilac hue
That matches her soft eyes
Her skin is fair and flawless
Like the clouds in azure skies

She does not need a crown or jewels
To show her grace and worth
She is the queen of all the fields
The loveliest on earth

She makes the roses blush with shame
The lilies in respect bow their heads
The daisies dance around her feet
The sunflowers towards her turn their heads

She is the beauty of an everlasting spring
The joy that crowns every passing hour
She is the lady of my dreams defining future,
As in all simplicity, she sits among the flowers.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Hai Phung on Unsplash

Mythology Of Happiness

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Longed and longed all through her life,
Through silent shores alone she walked,
Where waves abandoned her footprints,
And trees shed leaves not giving shade.

The luck of life unapologetically ignored,
Her life in ways for many unimaginable,
Nothing waited for her in space and time,
She existed as if none through sense can feel.

Longed and longed for a bit of love and shed,
Many lonely tears away from celebrations,
Of the wealthy, charmed, and even the normals,
What is a day she knew not, directions mattered not.

Then the world through time took a turn,
And light fell all over her and her heartbeat heard,
Her looks looked upon, her voice, sang back,
Colors her dreams found, love in her garden bloomed.

His voice she heard in every sound around,
That fills her loving heart with joy and peace
His gentle touch she felt in every breeze
That caresses her skin with gentle grace

His smiling face she saw in every dream
That brightened up her lonely nights
His sweet kiss she tasted in every bite
That sweetens her lips with honeyed delight

His scent she smelt in every wildflower
That bloomed around her with fragrant love
His loving soul she learned in every hour
That connects her to him from above.

Mythology of happiness around her found,
Reality through love all around radiated,
Fragments of gladness she once wished, united,
To pave paths in fulfillment to eternal love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Ruslan Fatihov on Unsplash

Lessons From Childish Romances

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Mind colorless through a rollercoaster whizzed,
A billion images like in a kaleidoscope painted,
And into time disappeared those designs forever,
Oh’, senses in the senseless found an unholy union.

Somewhere in that rollercoaster ride a face smiled,
And to my soul I said to search and search for a spot,
To imprint that smile with a note of childish romance,
Soul found ways to laugh at my naughty thoughts.

Space and time those twins of science found new ways,
To drag me who thought of staying put in a comfy spot,
They both drowned way behind in that whizzed ride,
And now another twin held my hands through the unknowns.

As if awaken from a nasty dream I stood,
Where is darkness I screamed as light filled all around,
The twins drowned yet again into that whizzed ride.
My soul expected another twin to carry me through.

No stop for even a quick breath from life,
And all moved but only my left hand was held,
I looked right and nothing I found but a red rose,
And my left side held tight through new beginnings.

The boisterous laughs of my soul filled my ears,
And to my left I looked and saw the imprinted smile in real,
Lessons from those naughty childish romances told me,
To stretch the rose time left in my hand and kneel.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Lessons From Childish Romances

Photo by Abdul Gani M on Unsplash

To Cure The Real Disease

In a world that shuns the hurt within,
The health of mind is still a social sin.
A taboo, in-topic we would rather ignore,
And sweep under the rug, forevermore.

But as the pressure inside builds,
Some to violence turn, as a misguided guide.
They lash out in public, for all to see,
A cry for help, for their agony to be set free.

Yet still, we turn away with a blind eye,
To the root of the problem, we deny.
And blame the individual, not society’s neglect,
And continue to ignore the signs, with no respect.

Time to heal the real disease, break this social taboo,
To acknowledge that mental health is true.
Open up O’ World, to start a conversation,
And support those in need, without hesitation.

Let’s offer hope in peace and healing,
Instead of judgment and concealing.
For when we embrace those in need,
We’ll see a brighter future, indeed.

So let’s break down this wall of shame,
And pave the way for a world without blame.
Where health of mind is no longer a taboo,
And those in pain can find solace anew.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Matthew Ball on Unsplash

The Struggle Of Silence.

In the stillness of spiritual meditation,
Whole nature dissolves into body’s sensation,
As we quiet the mind and open the heart,
The love of Allah envelops every part.

The rustling leaves, the chirping birds,
The buzzing bees, the gentle words,
All become one with our very being,
In this moment of pure seeing.

The breeze caresses, the sun’s warm embrace,
The earth’s grounding, the water’s grace,
All merge into a divine cosmic dance,
As we dissolve into this divine trance.

The universe vibrates with a sacred sound,
As we merge with its rhythm profound,
The love of Allah echoes in every beat,
As we surrender to its heavenly heat.

The boundaries of self disappear,
As we enter a state of pure being here,
The love of Allah permeates all space,
As we dissolve into its divine embrace,

The struggle of silence completes.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Emad Mahmoud on Unsplash

The Arrival Of The Gift

Blog Post About This Poem.

Ramadan, the month of fasting and peace,
Where spirituality, in reality, finds its release.
A time to reflect life of peace and to pray,
To cleanse the soul from sins in every way.

The sun rises from east above the horizon,
And the day begins with the call of the muezzin.
Fasting from dawn to dusk, leaving all the luxuries,
A sacrifice that brings us a step closer to Allah.

The stomach may growl and grumble,
But the heart is filled with peace and humility.
As we break our fast with dates and water,
Grateful for the sustenance that Allah has provided.

The night comes alive with dhikir and Tarawih,
A prayer that rejuvenates the soul in absolute submission.
And the Quran recited in every verse,
Guiding us on the path of peaceful righteousness.

The month of Ramadan given by Allah as a gift,
A chance to improve soul and body and uplift.
To gain in a wild world compassion and forgiveness,
And defeat evil by spreading love and kindness.

Let us embrace this gift of Allah the holy month,
With open hearts and minds filled with love.
May we find peace and contentment in divine,
And be blessed with forgiveness in Allah’s mercy divine.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Imad Alassiry on Unsplash

The Unseen Island

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My life became an unseen Island,
A place where no one dared to roam.
There, all surrounded by unknowns, alone,
Waves dancing and crashing against my shore.

The skies above were dark and bleak,
The mighty sun had lost its shine.
But still, I stood there alone and tall,
A beacon in the darkest paths of night.

My heart was heavy, sadness weighed me down,
By the burdens of the long gone past.
But still, like a parasite, I held my ground,
In the brutality of life, weathered and steadfast.

The winds of change from around the world blew hard,
Threatening in every way known, to tear me down.
But with all experience fueling me to yield, I refused
From lost boats and broken bridges, a survivor on my own.

In every reality, my life became an unseen Island,
But in all truth a place where I could be free.
And though the world in time may forget me,
Through my verses, I will stand here, eternally.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Lance Reis on Unsplash

The Girl With The Braided Hair.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Stubborn and lazy winter stood his ground,
As chirping birds in lingering winter shivered,
Chipmons shook away fallen snow and dug,
Everywhere to find a nut or seed in hunger.

Happiness still in the cold breeze I felt,
The silent poet who for sad truth searched,
And found in the cold, the wandering delight,
Who found gladness in everything through senses felt.

I saw her braids of gold, her hair cascades,
And turned with a smile so bright, her face pervades,
Her thick turquoise jacket, a warm vibrant hue,
A white scarf around her neck wrapped, too.

Her eyes of blue, or sky touched crystal light?
She can enchant even heartless rocks in pure delight,
Drawing souls into her soul with just one glance,
Into a world of love-filled smiles and a blissful trance.

A girl so fair, a vision from beyond imagination, to behold,
A heart felt so pure, a poem on its own written in gold,
When she turned towards me, Ah’, what a joyous sight,
Her smile filled the air as a beacon of pure light.

With braids of glittering gold and eyes of ocean blue,
She captures hearts into captivity, both old and new,
A girl so rare among wild humanity, a rare gift to see,
A radiant beauty outside who spreads charm, forever free.

The air thinned, from her smile or the just freed sun?
Warmth replaced bitterness from faces stunned,
Truth enveloped hearts about the beauty that changed,
Seasons with her charm and gladness filled heart, unashamed.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Abbat on Unsplash

Kindness Given In Pain

Blog Post About This Poem.

Pain filled her face but still as an ornament appeared,
As in frustration, she tried to take her earring stuck,
Every passing minute added anger and pain but in vain,
Those lovely ears turned red as she persevered through pain.

Strength of her mind increased in sheer determination,
As stubborn became the earring and stayed stuck,
Pain grew through every vein of her and my eyes too welled,
A touch of love from her soul through her filling eyes I felt.

In the folds of her heart, a glimmer of hope I saw,
Hope in her resolve to conquer this minor hinder,
Her struggle may sound so small to all who hear and read,
But her strength and perseverance touched all who saw.

I will forever remember her courage and grace,
When my own obstacles in future I may face in life’s race,
For even in pain, anger, and pitiless adversity,
She taught me to find love and strength in simplicity.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

A Story In Black And White

Blog Post About This Poem

The ticking clock haunted heartbeat like a beast,
As swarms of memory from past woke and wept,
The stillness of mother nature still nurtured,
Threads of romantic dreams yet to be weaved.

Gone by are the days of love I thought,
As age grayed my beard and parts of head,
“Much older you are” a fairy told and left,
And my love I laid to rest, Ah’, at least I thought.

Somewhere from the good old days of mine,
I pulled the good I learned and forgave,
All who left without kindling the candles of love,
As darkness gave me charming looks of youth.

When in meditations of loneliness I sat,
Darts passed me by and my eyes opened,
To see who aimlessly hunts me in dark,
Her aim was sharp but missed me deliberately.

Found her hidden in camouflage of woods so green,
The light of love filled a lightless lover, ah love resurrected,
Who is she, and why from all colors of the world she hide?
I forgot every love begins the same, from unknown to known.

A piece of music unheard she whistled and I heard,
The story of a seeker of pure soul and kind heart,
And in return, I asked “Am I so pure and kind to you?”,
And to me, she sang “Open thy eyes from thy inner heart”,

I rested my head on the fat Oak beneath I sat,
And every sense found a change from all corners of life,
Every bit of color from everything unpeeled and fell,
As she showed me her true self of perfect purity.

I stood up and to her, I said, “The world needs us as a change,
As our love may erase darkness from many eyes in and out,
Then there is a world out there that will try to tear us apart,
To face all that if you are ready, hold my hand and guide me right.”.

As hand in hand out of the woods we walked,
The world indeed looked black and white and each step of ours,
Colored the world around and filled with springtime blooms,
Our story may still be black and white but colors awaited us ahead.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash
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