The Burned Down Stage.

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The birth time noted, silent stayed stars and planets in zodiac,
The boy entered a stage of present where past never mattered,
Where future he weaved, day by day, year by year he grew,
Ah’, the spent past a well-built stage, burned down, unknowingly.

Far from him, unknowingly grew, like blooms of spring spread,
Life of sweetness, from far, slowly day by day, year by year he felt,
The presence of his soul in counterpoint to a point of existence,
Where one cannot exist without the other, Ah’, a historical inevitability.

As away from each other grew, Oh’, stages for them differed,
From styles of fashion, compassion, and at times. irrelevant comedy,
New stages with new lights, colors, and well-weaved drapes came,
A new scene in the present timeline written for them, well played.

Then came a time for both the timelines united upon the same stage,
Ah’, wonders sparked and love of each other united unknowingly,
Comedy, drama, villainy, deception, Oh’, life threw many daggers,
Some cut them deep, and at some, they ran without fear but in love.

Independent life, Ah’, the individual life of each other gnawed,
Through the passions and compassions and two lovers withdrawn,
To their own stages and the stage to hold them together burned,
The blinding flames grew high and wide in the frozen tundra.

In their victorious pride, they both stood with their head high,
The burned down stage, Oh’, they both cared not,
The connected love made them search for a better common stage,
Rains have fallen, hearts have melted all around them stood,

The stage of love, happiness, and a life filled with wonders,
A new set of comedies, drama, and pulses of life awaited,
Two souls sometime before the beginning of time united,
In love, born and brought up, miles apart, ages apart.

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Prayers Of Memories.

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My love is a whisper unheard by the heart it meant to live,
Oh’, yet another season in sadness all around me stood,
My love is a pulse unfelt by nature where it sways,
Winds and trees, flowers and birds, Ah’, all stood still.

The villainy of the unseen dream, filled in shadows and walked,
All around me and made sounds only heard by strangers,
Who all whispered in their minds prayers to save from insanity,
Oh’, still I prayed for the love her, whom I loved even in insanity.

The cold clouded visions and sounds, Oh’, brutal times find,
Another path in another world, let me feel her love,
Let me feel her passions, let me silence her fears,
Let me be her happiness wiping away her last drop of sadness.

Interrupt not, Oh’, winter winds when with a loving dream I walk,
For my memories with her, little moments, giggles, and one-liners,
Oh’, they always recite wonderful tunes, little prayers for our souls,
To find a touch of love filled with peace, in this wild and wicked world.

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Walking Through The Paths Of Love.

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Strange dreams found the light at the end of the tunnel,
Through my heart when about future days I thought,
Ah’, ten thousand thunders shattered at my feet and drowned,
As those dreams with scents of gunpowder around me flew.

Sweetness of sounds came from a bird to migrate forgot,
Maybe his attempt to find a melancholic tone failed,
In his never-ending waiting to find the heart for his love,
Or he is just a bird who ended in the wrong place and time.

Cold waves from the lake between toes danced,
Then where she sat I sat and smiled as winds from west blew,
Oh’, to gather a scent my freezing nostrils tried,
A feeling of gladness wind did bring and away I walked.

Somewhere through these paths she once or many times walked,
Weaving thoughts and breathing fresh air from lakeside,
Winter winds weaved a lullaby and to my soul sang,
Wordless, yet, I learned she loved me when she walked here last.

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Unshed Tears On A Winter Eve.

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The skies have darkened far more than the lonely mind,
And through barks of the dried out trees fallen rain flown,
The owl hiding in the cloak of dark cried out loud,
Black ice failed to make the roads slippery for his walks.

Strange faces passed him by and strange they all remained,
Tantrums of minds, Ah’, how wonderfully hidden,
Behind fake smiles and unfelt greetings and away all walked,
A smirk of him to mother nature said “I don’t care”.

The up into the clouds he looked and darker they became,
A blessing prayer into his mind crept and echoed through veins,
Rain, again and again, struggled to stay as rain and no become snow,
The prayer he said out loud “There is no darkness created that can enter”,

“Enter into the light of our love”. Oh’, rain paused as a howling he heard,
Winter came and rain grew heavier, thoughts grew more heavier,
Street lights blurred as his eyes struggled hard to stay dry,
Love indeed became purer in unshed tears.

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The Masked Smile.

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Winter forgot to bring all the might of cold and wind,
Dazed by the beauty of nature through the fall,
When life fell and in the thickening air life seems lost,
But, we know not how wonderfully winter preserve life,

Until we see the full bloom of spring when we forget,
The hands of winter without which life would’ve ceased.
And the poet wrote and again wrote with all his thoughts,
About the love every sense felt, he felt in the cooling air.

As through verses heaven on earth he described,
Oh’, clearer became the face of his love,
To everyone, those verses in depths touched,
Even in the deadly cold, the warmth of love they all felt.

Oh’, the veil the winter cold to every eye brought,
Tried hard to cover the concealed love of her,
Whose love by all readers through his verses experienced,
Ah’, they all rested from all the good deeds they did.

Questions he asked for which from her gestures answers found,
Wisdom all gained about how to love in new ways defined,
Such was the love the poet and his love gave to the world,
Still, the best of her love-filled smiles, hidden behind the mask of time.

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To Her, Who Turned.

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Sightless stayed the humble unloved eyes,
As the vastness of space and time converged,
Into a show of strength of faith through love,
Oh’, through dreams felt, those unfulfilled dreams.

Voiceless stayed the poet’s verses ah’, love he wrote,
Unfelt remained and love to give he tried, declined,
The aching disappointments turned life into mirages,
Oh’, never-ending desert, loveless space and time.

Touchless stayed the heart of a man who only loved,
Ah’, he thought, when through unfulfilled dreams searched,
The twists and turns of life a synonym of a serpent became,
Oh’, every breath became a brutal tragedy.

She woke or her thoughts caught a beacon,
Somewhere in the depth, one little glow sprouted,
When the verses of pathos he sang she read,
Voices heard, sights gained and a touch wonderfully felt.

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She wandered through the wilderness unknown,
Concrete canyons and crowds so unpleasant,
Alone in the middle of the crowd and a mind whispering,
Verses of a man who finished his learning by loving her.

The long pleasant fields of corn and wheat left behind,
Learning about the most wonderful paradise on earth,
Ah’, no material touched that paradise that left unknown,
Except for the man who whispered her name in every breath.

Through every corner of life, he longed to pass,
In every bit of life lived deep inside he wished,
And from those lived and wished life he weaved,
Stories and poems echoed through her heart.

And her heart, the purest heart he has known,
Oh’, every beat of her heart a prayer,
And through those prayers she became,
The Bridge of light through which life in full, fulfilled,
The Bridge through which he can pass to paradise.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Love That Sizzles Through Your Veins.

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The first time I cried out loud was on a valentine’s day,
And on every birthday, a portion of my soul felt sad,
Even after thousands of dreams from my soul weaved,
As every day built a new stone of my castle of love for you.

Hurting words and thoughts, Ah’, fear took its fuel to grow,
And that fear wounded deeply the ever-smiling romantic,
Still, a portion of my soul felt glad as I know you remembered me,
And from the soul, a wave pulled my facial muscles to smile better.

We sing, we dance, and we succeed, and we fail, Ah’, life,
The double-edged sword with our own words and actions sharpened.
Didn’t you learn that no matter how far I am, how silent you are,
Love will make you think about me and wish another moment with me?

Gather the scattered ruins and build the castle of your design,
Upon which flag of success will flow in every wind of every season,
That bear witness to a reality that none ever were born to love you better,
Than the poet, lover and the love that sizzles through your veins.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

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The Surrender.

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Ah’, one day old age may violently rip me apart,
But about that day every day, I write a new joke,
And make the world laugh and along I laugh too,
Hiding the hidden sadness with pretty smiles.

There are those who say age is just a number,
Like a grammar corrector, I tell them age is history,
A dreamless silence that forever as a constant remains,
In memories, unforgettable, understanding, and unforgiving.

Every bit of those loveless and sad memories slowly filled,
By an everlasting spring with colors and flowers filled,
Though from every flower fell the melting mist like teardrops,
They all reflected the love-filled light of your soul, Little Boss.

And never will I cry in grief for in mind filled the love-filled light,
Of your soul, through known and unknown senses conquered mine

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

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The Fighter II

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Days started alike, days ended alike, nights darker remained,
Hollow became the dreams that are meant to be fulfilled,
Hard became the breath that keeps the pulse in heart,
And the pulses fought hard to keep the love for you, Little Boss.

You are to me not a castaway who smiled before drowning,
You are to me an essence of a million dreams all growing,
Deep inside of you and I, love that symbolizes the feelings,
Of a millennium of springs, warm, bright, and color filled.

Every bit of creation of God we see holds a life of its own,
Life through experience that became known, many unknown,
You are to me is such an experience of many unknowns,
You are to me a monument of all knowns, Little Boss.

For in the pulse of my heart I feel the fighter who fights,
Every second of the day to repel every other feeling,
Other than the love that through the universe spreads,
That knighted fighter is you my darling, my Little Boss.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

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