Congratulations Mo Cuishle.

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Mo Cuishle,

 Congratulations, you know what that is for… anyway…. You know be careful while visiting my sites late nights. I only sleep four hours in the night. If that get disturbed I will be pissed off the rest of the day next day. Poor colleagues they are feeling the steam. Then in my mind I said and laughed… haha Mo Cuishle, you did a nice job.

   There are a lot of things happening around me. Well… I am not going to tell you that. I once made a protected post for you too. Then I deleted that post as I know nothing is finalized yet or reached a stage where I can speak anything about it. Haha. Suspense…


Have a great evening Mo Cuishle and convey my regards to your mom for teaching you to drive and Billy for his support.

Riaz Ahammed.

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  1. Heh, I apologize about disturbing your sleep. I’ll have to watch what time I look.

    Thank you for the congratulations. It’s been a long time waiting…to get my license.

    I give you my luck for whatever you come upon in the future…in any instance where you might need it.

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