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What a weekend it was, I woke up early and went out with my friend Shaun. He is this guy I met here in the hotel I stay. He bought me lunch at the riverfrontbarge then we went for a movie at the Crossgates Mall. I was wandering through the mall and saw this girl and guy in a small rack in the middle of the way selling lotions. I stretched my hand and she looked at my hands and said “ What happened to your hands?” I said that’s the way it is always. Dry. She said come here and took me to the other side and put my hands in a bowl and told me “ I am going to fix your hands” she put something like sand on my hands and rubbed it hard. It smelt good and I kept it on for sometime. In the meanwhile she was asking me where I am from and what do I do and all. Then I asked her. What is it she put me in my hands. She said “Dead Sea Salt” I looked at her and said “Really? Is it really Dead sea salt?” She said “Yes, all the things in the stall and the sales person is from Israel”. I told her my name and still both she and her boyfriend were really friendly and was asking about my family in India. I asked them “Are all you family away from the whole war and violence going on out there” She said they are way south from any attacks that is going on there. I wished them luck and left with a prayer in mind. In all honesty that salt really worked. My dry, hard hands are soft now. Too soft for my Pirate and Alien rings in my hands. Then on the way into the movie “Miami Vice” I thought… the dealing between Muslims and Jews can be as violent as what is going on in the middle east or as friendly like what just happened. The manipulators of religion, they are everywhere, fighting and killing unknowing, religion is a matter of choice of the individual.

 Now the poem… this poem has got nothing to do with incident above. At the end of the day I thought there is something going to happen. It is for the good. I carried that thought to the next day and something happened. Suspense…. Can’t speak about it yet. haha




The waves of light into my room rolled,

And with the cold air from the air conditioner danced,

Waking up all the dreams rolled out too and danced,

And away into thin air and the morning light they faded.


Unusual and unnecessary on a weekend morn I woke,

My weekend routine way early started,

And ended early with mind blank all day,

Oh’ just me, myself and some thoughts,

And a feeling felt in the air I don’t understand.


Oh’ may be the arrival of the unknown,

Or may be the hinge in the mind of an insane,

Oh’ in these mindless hot summer days,

Live I will, taking everything as is.


When closed my eyes to fall into sleep,

I only saw a vulture sharpening his teeth,

With my eyes, with my hands and my smile,

That pretty, hungry vulture may be seeing a meal so close.



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