Unsung Line Of Verse

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This is a named poem outside of the “Yesterdays” poem. The poem meant for 08/06/06 is on hold now for obvious reasons. Haha…. I like riddles and suspense. The best response is unseen to all. It came from a darling girl, a wonderful blessing. Thank you very much.


 I know I don’t want to leave my dirty minded readers, the innocent readers and other readers who don’t understand a word I write who still reads so that they don’t have to lie to me, empty handed into a weekend.


  Last night it rained and all the heat was gone and a slight chill was felt. For the first time in weeks I turned off the air conditioner in the room and slept. Today I am wearing long sleeves instead of the half sleeve T-Shirts that keeps my tummy bulging out like a balloon. After I had my Tuna sandwich from Quiznos for lunch I came back and started drinking my favorite Sobe Nirvana drink. Then I said “haha here it comes” Typed the following poem in exactly seventeen minutes. Then I said to myself. “Not bad my man” everyone around looked at me walking out patting my own cheeks taking my phone and cigarettes for the first smoke of the day.


Unsung Line Of Verse.


“The scents of the spring by summer wiped away,

The sun through the summer days danced,

Now tired even the summer heats fades,

When drops of fall all around me fall,

The scent of the spring and the summer warmth,

Felt everlasting upon your beauty O my dear.”

Said I to a beauty who said those words so special,

Blown out a kiss and danced to the tune of my favorite rock.


Oh’ meaningless remain every word I say,

And pointless becomes every action of mine,

Still beauty of a beauty I always admire,

And in that beauty, many heartfelt verse dissolve,

As senses in unity to absorb the beauty failed,

But in admiration sings songs of romance.


Oceans, mountains, plains, valleys and deserts,

Oh’ everything beautiful in its own way,

I am lost in everyway when upon those my mind compared,

Your beauty that glowed with colors unseen,

And comparison sucked all meanings out of everything beautiful,

Even then beautiful you stand,

Than all those in my imaginations I see.


Should I love you, no, I should not, as love see no beauty,

Should I run far, far away, as in passions my mind I may lose,

No, I should not, as beauty of this kind nature cannot show,

As the whole nature stands still in the beauty of yours.


Oh’ beautiful girl see my eyes and see my verse,

Sing my verse in the beat of your heart,

See me dance in the rain of the fall,

And hear me whistle with the howling winter wind.


Oh’ a thousand lines of verse about your beauty I may weave,

In simple words that speaks to every heart,

But when winter takes your arms

And all those flowers and leaves were shed,

Still in my heart a line of verse will remain,

The unsung one about the love I felt,

When first you looked at my eyes and smiled.




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