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Okay everyone… thedays of suspense is over. Here it is I am posting the poem for lastSunday. The poem kinda speaks by itself. But, here is a brief detailabout what happened. Through a friend I found this girl, a wonderfulgirl. She is amazing, understanding and caring. This poem is about thatincident as last Sunday was filled with the thoughts about that girl.See and Read.

mariap    maria4a

Here She Is…Maria.    



A long day left for the night giggles to listen,

The night left none as the next day crept in from the east.


“Roll on globe, roll on”, I said when waking up late,

And the lazy me in front of my computer sat,

Email, IMs, Oh’ no fed up I am,

My blogs and ‘Yesterdays’ Oh mind boggling misery,

Dragged I through the morn and around noon time,

An email I got from a pretty, far, far away.


Her interest, her charm, her prettiness in those wonderful eyes,

Oh’ a moment may change me long time back I thought,

That moment had come at last knocking on my door,

Day went by with her thoughts,

Day of passions have returned,

Some where in the depths of mind blossomed a flower,

With her face upon every petals.


Oh’ I loved the evening like I loved the feeling,

Wonderful evening left for the night,

Leaving a calm in the mind overwhelmed,

In the pleasantness of seeing a face in my mind imprinted.


When upon the couch I laid down stretching my legs,

And saying my nightly prayers,

I know all faces from my mind erased,

As her face with all the charm filled every corner of my soul.


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