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What a way last day ended I thought, then woke up into another wonderful Monday. I felt good. And what I felt good is what this poem is all about. I wrote it and kept it. I deliberately fell back from being current with these poems. Yesterdays will become current in the next week.

I love you all my readers. Have a great week ahead of ya all.


The ring of verse power. The ring of the LonelyPoet.   



Right and wrong I know not,

As dark and light depend on each other,

That which is right to you, may be wrong for me,

That which is wrong for us may be right for the world,

Oh’ world wake up with, wake up now, I said,

When waking up into the light around me flourishing.


The dawn stepped away aristocratically,

Leaving more of everything in all brightness,

There is royalty in this day, to my mind I said,

The me too walked in the aristocracy of the day.


The losing glory of the summer I noticed,

The fall some where far away in laziness sleeps,

May be she is telling herself, should I go and kill all green,

And through me to the world bring,

The clutches of the winter freeze?


Oh’ I can make a hundred scenarios or stories,

I can write a million lines of verse about all unknown,

The well made bed is a truth I see now,

The well cooked food I ate no illusion,

When crawling under the comforter I said,

“The beauty of life is in its truth,

And the best of the truth is still unknown,

That makes it more beautiful”.



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