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I waited for this day to come when I can see Lika… or to say in a decent way, the Eyes Of Lika. One may think what is so special about those eyes. Read the poem it will tell you what those eyes can inspire this poet to write.


Remarkable, but realistic, the day born,
Not to write even a line, to the poet I told,
As the morning in all beauty looked,
At my sleepy face with puffed up eyes.

Not tiredness or nature’s beauty can replace,
The wonderful face I saw and kept in mind,
Lika Oh’ my nights and days, you consume,
Leaving dreams in a mind that sprout out verse.

Recited I these lines when the wood pen wrote,
Feeling her soul up close to my heart.


Oh’ undefined remained every thing I felt,
Until those beautiful eyes I saw,
Then in the glow of your beautiful eyes defined,
Every feeling deep in my heart I felt and feel.

Afraid I was about the oceans deep,
But those eyes in their beauty and glory erase,
Every fear of those lightless depths,
As those eyes opens a soul bright and deep,
Where treasures of pure love resides.

Words from the depths of your soul you say,
Oh’ every time my mind they sway,
Always will look upon those flowery lips of yours,
Where the wisdom of pure beauty dances,
In the beat of your heart, that purifies every soul.

The enjoyment upon your face I see,
When in that enjoyment with joy I sing,
May all the blessings of life shower upon you,
And may in the depths of your heart happiness begin,
The journey through which, humanity be blessed.

Far back in my younger days,
Upon a valley thousands of dancing dahlias I saw,
All these years in my mind that image I kept.
Oh’ those images faded away when I saw,
When with happiness from your soul,
A smile upon your lips blossomed.

Scattered and wild became nature’s beauty,
As by humanity in everyway that beauty savaged,
Oh’ when you first opened your eyes,
All beauty of nature in unity spread,
From that pure glow in your eyes, I see.

Even if thousands of lines of praise I write,
Unexplainable still remain your true self,
All these words in verse I weave,
May these garland you right now and ever after.”

The evening garlanded me with colorful views,
The night mellowed hearing me recite,
Those lines of verse and the night fell asleep,
And the poet and me sat on the couch awake,
Watching the night snoring through howls of an owl.


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