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I will fall back at least three days in Yesterdays poems. The reason? Events become too current. And it changes a lot in a matter of hours. So I should give enough time for events in my life to cool down. Said that… wow what eventful days am I passing. There are things I don’t write as part of ‘Yesterdays’… that’s the hidden life of the LonelyPoet. Haha. But I don’t lie in these poems.




Memories of a beautiful girl to my mind came,

As the colors of the morning in East showed,

Turned around when heart in sadness squeezed,

And pumped blood to every corner of me to warm,

From the cold I felt in the fear of loneliness.


“Sunday O Sunday give me warmth of mind,

Never with the falling leaves fall,

And leave me to the torment of memories I find,

The day of the sun, I wonder where you take me at all,

Bring to me a dusk that roam forever in my mind”.


Sung I my own lyrics all day,

In all possible tunes I know,

Dusk came and went as usual,

And those moments passed me by.


Normal, everything in everyway, looked,

The beautiful night with hands of darkness consumes,

All living into virtual death,

These moments of uncertainty, some hates,

But they know not, every moment carries,

The same passion, beauty and ugliness,

Fools they are in loving, grudging, and in hatred,

Spent lifetimes for the moment looking,

When thoughts and action are in fact,

Through a path takes us,

Of anger, sadness, happiness, love, hatred and frustration.


Then to time they all scream,

Why, my time for the worst, changed,

Others praising better times celebrate,

And time just another Godly creation,

Like a good old buddy smiles,

And through the next cycle of life takes us.


The lesson invaluable I learned,

Time always smiles whether we smile or not,

Because he always does what he is supposed to do,

He can’t change, but we can,

Humans the superior of all creations of God,

He never fails but we do, he never wins but we do,

Crying for loses, we only lose, time itself.


Didn’t I lost and won? I thought,

And at the end of the day my life I celebrate,

By breathing air and at memories smiling,

‘Yeah’ I know smiling I am,

And one more day for my past I won,

And one more night in life precious,

To the warm hands of tender sleep.



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