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It is 12:45AM…. Officially I am in the month of Ramadhan now. One month of fasting, meditation and prayers. All through the month I will only write late nights. As I don’t do anything during day that entertains mind or body. Here is something I scribbled just now.

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The darker side of the moon we know now,

But those great poets they never seen,

A deadly place, where silence looms,

Cold, dry, where no wind blows,

Still I read how lovely the moon looks,

Yeah, imagination and illusions of the minds,

All used to show the might of love.

Did anyone of those in any moment thought?

Not love, not the moon or the sunlight reflected,

It is the eyes of her that glittered,

It is the touch of her that felt,

Still in rhymes and meters miles of verse written,

Burying the truth of love,

Exclaiming the minds in manipulation,

Oh’ those poets were all dead and gone,

Where they buried the truth I don’t care,

But in my verse only one the world will read,

The image of my love from the depths of her mind,

In witness of nature and everything in universe.



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