The Lonely Gardner.

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The following poem is a test. Failing the test will have severe consequences. Read the poem very carefully, the lesson is
in the poem, there can’t be any questions, if you still have any ask me. You need to figure out what is the test by reading
 this poem. I am posting this poem earlier than the test. Starting 6:00PM Eastern Time in United States Of America on
November 13th 2006 my readers will have 24 hours to pass the test. Keep in mind asking me questions will not extend
the finishing time of the test. The test will end exactly at 6:00PM Eastern Time in United States Of America on
November 14th 2006.


Good Luck.


This is me stitting on the edge of a fountain in front of the Eddie Bauer store in Kansas City. This picture was taken by
my brother on October 23rd 2006.

The Lonely Gardner.


The strip of barren land I own,

Upon which weeds and wild plants grew,

With creepers through land crawling,

As upwards to climb nothing they found.


With spade and scissors a long time I spent,

Cutting and cleaning and the land I ploughed,

Sowed the seeds of flowers and many roots I planted,

All in order and in order they grew.


The violets and bluebells spread through the strip,

The tulips behind them in aristocracy stood,

The roses spread pleasantness in mind with smiles of their own,

And orchids blossomed showing kaleidoscopic patterns.


Days I spent in keeping the garden bright and clean,

As eyes of mine and my minds eyes in happiness stared,

And with satisfaction of my own expression,

With smiles in the middle of the garden I stood.


Even when the garden in bright colors stood,

Onlookers from far away looked and with murmurs went,

Their eyes I can’t see as far away they were,

But none said a word as none close to me came.


Then there are those, whom I thought close to me they were,

They in silence wandered around, did they looked or not, I know not,

Mystery my mind love, but sometime many mystery hurts,

And unknowing what the world thinks about my construction,

Tired I sat, watching my own smiles fading away.


Then conscience asked why not build a wall around,

So that none will see the beauty about which none speaks,

The beauty of the garden only myself will enjoy,

That which for the world I constructed,

For my own satisfaction forever will exist.


I will grow more flowers and green smooth grass,

Forever the sight in my mind will live,

In those sights the sound of soul I will hear,

The soul of mine alone will sing in the happiness of mine.



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