A Valentine’s Day To Next Valentine’s Day.

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There is a message of goodbye in the following for someone who misunderstood me. The fault was mine even though I came in the right path I don’t think I can get that someone in my path. I am not going to try anymore. This poem in many ways may not be fully understood by many. It was an unloading of a year gone by. Well if one was here the whole year, yes one will understand what I am talking about. No more explanation.


                           This picture was taken yesterday when I was sitting at work.

                            A Valentine’s Day To Next Valentine’s Day.

One more Valentine’s Day Gone,
One more year from life went,
Into the pages of history.
Event filled life into veins stormed,
Passions of multiple lifetimes felt,
In the thrill of life spent,
In sadness, anger and in it all happiness.

February To March 2007. Days Of Tanya

The one girl, the wonderful girl,
With promises of surprise left.
First waited and waited in eagerness,
To hear her voice, to see her face,
But Oh’ love betrayed the soul once more,
When religious fanaticism danced,
When weight of the wallet out weighed,
In the Wild world web and left,
Bitterness of a cheap life,
That should’ve never lived.

March To October 2007. Days Of Izabella.

In a sleepless weekend she came,
Vowed her life with the perfection of love,
Told to soul what soul eagerly waited to hear,
Shown to eyes, the visual magic of love,
Ecstatic mind sprouted joy of love,
Nothing material mattered as everything thrived,
In the spiritual realm of love.
Inside humans live, the good of all good,
And the venom of evil that makes even devil a maggot,
Jealousy, crookedness and cunningness,
Love lost and anger and vengeance destroyed the soul,
Then mind in meditation gathered the shattered soul,
Rejuvenated but from the depths of soul still could hear,
The whispers of her words of love and care.

October 2007 To February 14th 2008. Days Of Rediscovery.

Not like a mourning mongrel in the corner laid,
Not a skeptic who forgot to live,
When saw the youthful charm of another life,
In ways of stupidity and unfulfilled promises.
Actions alone cannot make a saint,
Belief alone cannot save any soul,
The blending of both in balance makes, a perfect human.
Not all that were said were heard,
Not all written ever were read,
When doubts of past as illusions haunted,
Then came the realization that smiled and said,
A friend I can be but a friend I could never have,
Left for good for the good of all,
As fog that once covered and from eyesight kept, cleared,
A road to home that was searched for long,
A journey coming round to the place of start,
A journey filled with every emotion of life,
Years felt like lifetimes spent,
In the end the little man who went through it all,
Smiled, feeling every moment in full,
As he know none will cry for his acts,
None will forget to smile at his words.


By the way I think George W. Bush is a big fan of my poems. There is someone from District Of Columbia who comes like 50 times to this site everyday. Does anyone else gets a footprint from this guy? If so who all gets it. Let me know. He reads poems written couple of years back. Considering Bush is the only guy who got nothing to do as a regular job in District Of Columbia I am proud that the president of America reads my poem. Now let me tell ya buddy, it is not just footprints I have with me I have your ISP details and IP address as I have mulitiple trackers in this site and every other site I have. Okay.

8 Replies to “A Valentine’s Day To Next Valentine’s Day.”

  1. It’s actually “dasvadanya”, i spelled it a little wrong but it IS just one word. Google it, it’ll come up for you. And yeah I’ve gotten the DOC footprint too, but maybe 5 times in the last week, haha. I keep getting someone from NY though.

  2. Happy Saturday my friend.  My Valentine’s Day was sweet..but the day after was even sweeter for me.  The day after was full of love…full of joy…the day afterwords was incredible for me.  One day that i will remember for a very long time.    I’ve read your poems….they are all a mystrey to me…yet, i do understand where your heart is.     My wish for you is peace and contentment.  Have a great weekend my friend.  Hugz….Kimmie*

  3. This series of poems really touched me. You illustrate so well the phases of adoration that you go through and how it all turns out. Love is truly a journey and this my friend, was beautiful. I especially loved this: 

    In the end the little man who went through it all,
    Smiled, feeling every moment in full,
    As he know none will cry for his acts,
    None will forget to smile at his words.

    We will not forget to smile at your words.

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