The Riven Riff.

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******Start Update********
If anyone find any mistakes be it grammatical or in typos please let me know without hesitation. One of my friend from Greece pointed out couple of mistakes, grave ones. Feel free to correct me folks. I will never feel bad about it.
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In the heights of frustration a strength will come from within thatmakes one accept reality. When it repeats the force grows more andmore. In one of those repetitions I decided to write a poem which Inamed “Theory Of Failure”. Well that went well, one week and 7 hourslater the Theory was formed. Now to all the newcomers to this site. Ihave a habit of over writing. That’s not the right way to say it. Ikeep on writing and writing and writing to get an idea work in my mind.During that time I speak aloud and walk around, kiss my own hands, playguitar badly(I never played guitar in a good way). It is a chaos. Mostof these over writing just goes to trash. Sometime they may make sense.Here is what came out during the writing of “Theory Of Failure”interestingly the Theory did not rhymed and this one did. “Theory”right now is sitting in my google docs I may make some more changeshere and there and you will see it on Wednesday.

The Riven Riff.

Charm of blistering youth blazed,
Making every moment glorious,
The moment lived erased,
In a forgotten past sung melodious.

The mindset changed again and again,
Silly emotions in depths of mind left,
Blisters unknown that intermittently pained,
And depression in silence grown heft.

A lot have been known,
Still the pathos of the forgotten past lingered,
A lot left to unknown,
And in sadness and disappointment mind angered.

The fire in the mind to every corner grown,
The force within in every way charged,
Boiled blood through baked veins flown,
And every sense in the chaos of mind enlarged.

Years stacked to decade
And decades stacked to a lifetime,
The body through time fade,
A wrinkled up mass of skin way past its prime.

Into one hand of time and one hand of fate slip,
From the completeness of a lifetime filled,
In arrogance, gladness, anger all gripped,
Yet, disappointment through every senses spilled.

All that in reality, fantasy and spirituality attained,
All came with reasons forced from within skillfully,
As the memory of the reason from within reigned,
The mangled mind in glory of emotions shined willfully.

That face, that mind, the dancing scenes, the musical notes,
Those unrhymed verses that rhymed in feelings given,
Oh’ within the soul they all will always float,
Though, rest of the lifetime in the riff of that soul riven.

15 Replies to “The Riven Riff.”

  1. I had a stint with the guitar when I was a kid. Mom made me take it up for a few months. It all went to waste though. Couldn’t really get into it even with practice. Same thing with the piano. And the flute. I’m just not very musically talented I’m afraid..

  2. The word “fellowship” was supposed to be used but strangely it would’ve sounded like Lord of the Rings so friendship was plugged in. There’s a longer version plus another seen from another point of view, thank you for commenting.

  3. hahah that is hilarious. now I sort of wish I knew an electrician. a creepy electrician at that. I wonder what he does with his free time, if he mumbles to himself about circuitry. supposedly there’s a high incident of breast cancer rates among people who live close to those big huge tall power lines. something about the resonating frequency. strange.

    there’s a way to quickly tune a guitar. if you have one string in tune, the others can be adjusted to it. unfortunately, I no longer know it..

  4. I will say that you flattered me imensly with the last comment that you left me… Just to think that I inspired a poet that I truly admire was just the nicest feeling that Ive gotten in a long time… This poem was as usual very well done I especially liked the alliteration that you showed during a few lines… I read this a few times and each time I did it got a little better than the last well done friend…

  5. thank you for visiting.

    when i am with out the flu, i look forward to reading more here. i am by no means a “poet”, i just write the shit out of my head, keeps my heart n’ soul regular!  


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