An Erased Dream.

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Noon time came and all around peeked,
As the world with life in many forms filled,
Like a hungry serpent my eyes searched,
To find a reason, to keep a thought warm.

Downtown erupted in the frenzy of lunchers,
Silence only from onlookers like me came,
Faces showing emotions of all kinds passed,
Sounds from humans to birds to machines echoed.

Alive in the back of mind my thoughts stayed,
As through the crowd and events senses searched,
One face, one smile, ah’ the thought became a wish,
And the wish became a dream, Oh’ intensity pulsated.

Time-less people with belly full and empty minds left,
Somewhere in the depths of mind the dream fueled a hope,
Then evolved and into hope merged and left mind unwanted,
Oh’ even soliloquy find no reason to speak, when grief woke.

Senses juggled with grief as none else makes sense,
Giggling girls with flute-like voices woke senses into evening,
Ah’ how far I walked, only milestones can say,
Then in a direction I believed backwards I walked.

Through walk paths, beside wide roads, and bridges I crossed,
Throwing mind way beyond any senses can ever travel,
As around my car in tiredness I reached I looked around,
Night slowly erased the reality of what we call a day.

Oh’ as night presses his hand upon my chest I remembered,
Somewhere in my eagerness to get back home, I erased,
A dream I kept in my senses to see her face and give her a smile,
Unerased that dream and imagined a smile back as I fell asleep.

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Photo by on Unsplash

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