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Twenty Seventh Day Of June – 2019.

Oh’ if the mornings were rich in the same way they are pretty,
The world would have been a peaceful and harmonious place,
Not seeking riches or beauties into my bed I fell,
The wonders of life once more into my ears pillow whispered.

Noon came and left and I sleepwalked in the house,
Not in a trans but through parts of life that became hollow,
The sun slanted to the west like a hero who saved the world,
I looked up and saw the creation of God doing his job.

Ah’ every creation through the rules of life pass,
In the rules written by God and they all in discipline move,
I thought and thought and in the realities, I found I smiled,
Sat up and the sleep and dreams left me, then aloud I said,

“Oh’ God, rules you made and gave to every creation of yours,
And through those rules, we all move, succeed and may even fail,
The fragility of life and the magnificence of your aura we feel,
Rules of life and every blessing is for us made by you, not for you.

So break me from this utter boring life and bless me with love,
Give me the need of a man and change me from inside for her,
No act of you will burden the heart of this believer of truth,
May you bless her with the perfection of me as a blessing.”.

Somewhere in the depths of mind constant-companion¹ spoke,
“What makes you the welldeserved man of her love?”,
And to that evil force and his evil machinations I searched,
From what remained of the day I thought, then responded,

“Even if all the beauties of the world with all riches come,
And beg at me for love from me and prove to me,
Their love with absolute perfection and promise me heaven,
I can only love Little Boss, for, her heartbeat rhymes with mine.

“The moment I learned what I spoke, she is the love of my life,
One part of my life I lived in the world with charm ended,
As that was the training to love in perfection in my times,
Now the living of that love with her begins in our times.”.

The night calmed me down and even Nature cooled down,
Some thunders and showers help everything else to cool too,
As I prepare to fall into the wonderful world of sleep and dreams,
In the back of my eyelids I see, the manifestation of the love of mine.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

1) A Qarin, according to Islamic literature, is a Jinn. Qarins are unique to each individual. Qarin literally means ‘constant companion’. A Qarin pushes a person to do evil things and to disobey Allah.

Photo by Steven Aguilar on Unsplash

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