Hundred Years Of Love.

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“Ten thousand dreams I may have seen,
From my childhood days until the day I met,
The lady that completed my life long search,
For the one to whom I can connect all my life to”.

I stopped to look at the young girl looking up at me,
And she asked “Grandpa, how did she look like?”,
To that innocent question I replied with my own innocence,
“Prettiness through her soul felt outshine all prettiness I have seen.”.

Then memories came and I looked for that first feeling,
That came like a lightning and into my heart with fire wrote,
Love that held my breath, held my blood, stretched every vein,
Ah’, that ecstatic feeling through every sense told, she is the one.

The little soul looked at me in astonishment and asked,
“Was she prettier than me?” and gave a shy smile,
I gave a shy smile back and in all honesty told,
“Your grandma gave you the beauty you are, princess.”.

“Leave your great grandpa to rest, honey,” The call came,
And I whispered to that little girls ears “Let me think,
And will tell you more about her”, she smiled and whispered,
“You should tell it all, Hundred Years Of Love”.

I lied back on to my easy-chair and thought a bit sighed,
Then I smiled and in my mind said, “Hundred Years that passed,
Like hundred seconds and left me to relive every moment,
Hundreds of times, Sure, I will tell it all you”.

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Photo by Ana Francisconi on Unsplash

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