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Last weekend, good one in many ways, okay one in many other ways…. This poem is a little different than the recent other ones. It was written in the usual style though. Enjoy my works.




The energy of the morning lingered,

As I woke up, into me they dissolved,

The fresh scent of a dying summer day I felt,

As the rain lashed, killing the warmth.


Noon time passed with reckless haste,

Early evening, shopping and eating I spent,

Then another summer weekend party started.


Rain joined us for the fun again,

Freely In my hooded jacket, I walked,

Women in makeup masquerade were exposed,

And the real faces from beneath peeped out,

Many looked prettier without colors and creams,

A smart one under an umbrella walked,

But still with help of wind the naughty rain,

Found ways to dance upon her half exposed breasts.


Many drunken idiots out of senses,

Many acted drunk scavenging for passions,

Scavenged I for a poetic thought or to see a poetic face,

Neither were found as none knows the moment’s truth,

Most even through emotions, lied,

Hypocrites they were all, and I am not, I know,

Talked I to the bartender and out I walked,

Through the rain, the only truth I found.


Reaching home late I took my pad and wrote,

“Lived another day forgetting the blessings I have,

Seeing many others forgetting, what blessing they are,

Hearing the screams of the souls who thinks they lost,

In the bargain of soulless passions.


None lost, as none in their intoxicated mind realized,

It was all just another page of fate pushed,

But many closed their chapters, as in dark, they lost sight,

Some found insights, some found light, rare ones found both,

And those started new bright chapters.


Oh’ we are all islands in the frozen sea of life,

Some to others find their way,

Some fade away in the cold and freeze,

And I know not, why I alone wish to float”.


Sitting alone on my bed I know,

Another page of fate I burned away,

And a new page I took and to add another line I tried,

But as the fate was already written no space I found,

Then what I thought of adding I wrote,

Into my own mind where no fate can reach,

And in the palms of the Angels of sleep, my face I plunged.



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