A Reason To Dream.


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A Reason To Dream.

Sadness is relative to gladness”, some say,
Though about the connection I always wondered,
And in dismay I sometimes agreed,
With those unknown, unseen folks, in the gone by days.

Ah’ about the gone by days I remember,
When conscience filled with love,
And love became a wicked disease,
A disease for which I know no cure.

I searched not in the wilderness of this weird world,
For a cure for the disease your smile gave me,
But kept on listening to the whispers embedded,
In the heart beats of mine that rhymed with yours.

Oh’ how wonderful the poetry of life we felt,
Where happiness of mine became the monument of time,
And space between us just in the passions of love, vanished,
Ah’ what fantastic dreams waited to bloom in our hearts.

Dreams sprouted but never became full blooms,
The craziness of the world through life consumed,
Every bit of love and heart and conscience froze,
And deep in the mind sadness filled like the dark of night.

Though love you found in creatures and what else I know not,
All I know is that you are the only love in my life I have,
And you are the only one that can bring gladness to my heart,
But what’s not there leaves mind in the chaos of being unloved.

Fading away from life is the feeling of gladness,
As what I have is sadness and brief times of not being sad,
Then there are moments when I fall tired when days go gloom,
And I remember that saying “Sadness is relative to gladness”.

Ah’ wise it sound but my life mission became weaving,
A dream of glad moment with you in the fullness of life,
A dream I leave afloat upon the ocean of life,
Where at times crazy winds blows up the waves of sadness.

And the rest of the times I dream about you and be glad.


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Forgotten Tunes.


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Forgotten Tunes.

Fingers pressed on the guitar fret,
And from the burning mind flown,
A tune strummed on the shiny strings,
As night gathered around the weeping horizon.

Standing on the melting ground,
He saw nothing, heard only the tune he played,
Somewhere in the depths of that mind hidden,
Are some words that makes no sense.

Everything in senseless machinations fought,
As nothing completed in fullness in life,
More wrath than any other emotions felt,
But they all faded when her face in memory came.

Oh’ his love for her was like plot-less novel,
Or like the diary of a celibate priest,
Only imaginations lived its life leaving dreams,
And feelings that pierced him with wrath.

From those feelings himself he relieved,
When he expressed the depths of his pain,
As broken tunes played and forgotten,
By a musician he never was.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2009.

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Translation Of A Dream.

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Translation Of A Dream.

An old man in the shade of a patio, sitting,
And listening to the warm summer rain,
Thunders cracking through old oak trees,
Furious for some unknown loses.

The old record playing mind soothing jazz,
Sax played the notes in perfect harmony,
Of the rain that tickles the soul deep,
The afternoon sun too bathed,
In the pool made by the dancing rain.

The ebony tail of the English pipe stuck,
On The corner of his mouth leaving,
Smoke through the other side of the mouth,
Deep in thought, Oh wonder what he is listening,
The music from the record or the music of the nature,
Deaf he is not as nature sure reached his ears,
As for every thunders he shook like a dead leaf.

Though the records played one by one,
His mind far back in reverie,
About some days far back in his noontime,
Smiles through his face flashed,
And the lightings in counterpoint, joined,
But in the happiness of him that filled.
His soul and another soul he filled,
Which upon his smiles and still glowing showed,
No lightning, colors, rains or blossoms,
Of nature is in anyway a match.

The rain played on and on like a broken record,
And the evening lingered along with the rain,
Smile after smile filled the nature,
And none lived now who can understand,
As thirty years passed after he blew,
His hundredth birthday candle.
What a fulfilled life he lived,
With a candle in his heart lit,
By a darling girl in those noon time days.

The early night sleep left with the dream,
As darker and darker the night grown,
Still the echoes of the rain in mind’s ears stayed,
And a face in mind’s eyes still smiled,
And far away with all her loving naughtiness she stayed,
Still the very thought of her translated,
Every bit of the dream from subconscious to real,
That started the moment, sleep and dream left.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2008.

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The Dancing Dream.

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The Dancing Dream.

Sunny day through the windows smiled,
As dusts cleared my face upon the mirror seen,
And the happiness the dream left in mind,
Merged into the shy filled Nature.

Ah’ the dream I saw where I wandered lost,
And found a flower filled way,
That led to a house covered in the morning mist,
The closer I got, the thicker the mist shrouded.

The scent of skin, the touch of soul,
You left behind as reminders of love,
Then the whispers of a prayer I heard,
A prayer to bring peace to my soul eternally.

The prayer that erased all the past,
The prayer that cleared all future doubts,
The prayer that in clarity said these words,
Oh’ Almighty let me love him beyond my time too.

As I stood looking through the bay window,
Time passed in steady pace,
As the dream danced in paths to fulfillment.


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Deck Of Cards.

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Deck Of Cards.

Far away upon the mount to rest sat,
The wind and came up from behind,
The new sun rays and upon on rocks danced,
To the naughty golden morning rays a story told.

The story of a man who step by step lived,
With a loving heart, a caring soul and a sweet smile,
Events through his life passed as if from a deck of cards,
The right card he never got but helplessly he played.

The deck of cards so very well shuffled
And to organize it around an emotion he tried
Fate the automatic card shuffler kept on shuffling
And eventually he pulled the card of the Queen of hearts
So he thought but he got the clubs of king
And he fell far from everything he dreamed
He got up from the muddy pains and he saw
A clown in the reflection from the puddle of water.

The golden rays lost all the golden glory in sadness,
And to the wind to rest she said and down she flew,
The sadness turned to frustrations and to anger,
Oh’ she burned the skin of everyone who walked.

And she dried out everything she touched,
Then back at the mount she flew and asked,
“Hey Northern Wind what happened to that sad man?”
And the smiling wind to the naughty rays told,

“He walked like a clown and then talked like a clown,
With the pain of his lost love and bit by bit he healed,
Then one day he met the girl he loved from the heart of the land came,
She thought an older man he is but a kind hearted she was,
They found ways the world never knew to find love in each other,
And they lived happily ever after.”

The rays calmed down and the Sun gave the rays the golden locks,
She took the golden locks and gave the wind a cool cool kiss.
And the wind flown to the valley to give life a cool cool touch.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved 2018.

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Beat Of A Broken Heart.


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Silence tried to fill in a room,
Where memories of her and I wept,
Ah’ the rising sun too hid behind weeping clouds,
But the blooming Rose told me to keep,
My love for her filled in my broken heart.
As dices of the fate of two lovers time rolled.

Questioning every actions and reactions I lived,
As another day of silence between us passed,
Naked in the winter cold, sweating in the summer heat,
Life undefined stood outside my door,
The broken heart only twitched to keep me alive,
Keep the love alive;
Love I dedicated to you with my life.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved-2016.

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Against The World



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Turn, turn, turn he said spontaneously,
Only Earth turned with everything else,
Turned away from him who spoke,
Irritating words and whistled annoying noises.

He never turned and nothing he did,
To turn to an uncaring world,
When the world indeed to him turned,
Only took what he needed and let,

The world take a sight of his love
In heart he kept for a girl who left him astray.
Love, love, love the world screamed
Turn, Turn, Turn the lover said, purposefully.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved – 2017.

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Pledge Of The Lost Dreamer.


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I will, I will, I will I screamed,
But the passing time in fearful surprise looked,
As some twisted fate never allocated space,
For my love in your heart, O’ sweet heart.

Stories to you I told, stories about you I told,
And with you to stand I tried,
But the mocking world, the brutal world,
Made me a scavenger of the love you left.

I will, I will, I will I again and again wept,
Like a child holding pebbles beside the river I stood,
Holding on to the wonderful memories,
I weaved from the titbits I scavenged,

Of a shattered dream with you I wished to see,
But lost my own ways in a dream you never knew,
Every bit of my love Ah’ I saved to give you in fulfilment,
Now as titbits I sat and in tears scavenged.

I will, I will, I will Oh’ I sworn,
To erase my sorrow and to dream.
A thousand years of sadness I will take,
For one happy dream in which I make you smile.

And weave a memory from that smile making life tenseless.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2016.

Her Prayer



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The night shook away the last of light,
And darkness even into the depths of soul unraveled,
Wilder and wicked souls found ways through the dark,
And the milder and soft souls in fear of the unknown shook.

Clouds with the pollutions of brutal mankind rolled up muscles,
Oh’ mankind know not that the gift of life blends into the Nature,
Still greed and the greed on greed makes mankind, unkind,
Nature waits with an arsenal of calamities filled with vengeance.

Men and Women who were born with crying mouths and hunger,
Ah’ their hunger now with lust and luxury filled in the mockery,
Mockery of their meaning, meaning none but the divine knows.
Still they construct what the divine created and claims creativity.

In the depth of it all, the sinister ramblings of the one everyone knows,
But everyone thinks they defeated that one with everything they can,
Ah’ the good of you he eradicated, the bad of you he owns,
And the deviance from Godly into your soul he always murmur.

I wandered through my meditations through the dark,
I defeated none, I was not defeated by anyone,
Still no fear entered my soul as with emptiness it suffocated,
And then the morning woke far, bleeding the darkness of night.

Fires of the east, chariot of the sun ah’ poets called mornings,
Still beside the giggling stream I saw the might of creation,
And bowed I before that might, the might of the Almighty.
Then in the depth of my soul I felt, felt the might of love.

Away from me she maybe,  still left a prayer for my happy day!.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2017.

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An Important Person.


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Bring to me the light of morrows for me to see,
How wonderful and sweet are those eyes,
Burying in your soul when in gladness you smile.
The pleasures those smiles bring to my mind,
And the fascinating dreams they kindle.

Dreams that told tales of romance,
Dreams that held my hands and flew,
Dreams that merged past, present and future,
And gave me the essence of all in reality,
You are the most important person in my life.

Forgiveness of misgivings of the past,
Filled with the joy of present day smiles,
When gathering love of the future,
And holding your hands in holy celebration of romance.
Oh’ hope found life upon hopes and lived on.

Every moment I live and every bit of my life unfold,
Hope they bring peace to you the queen of my dreams.
My sincerity to your love found life, in the sanctity of my love.
Incomplete thoughts, dreams and romance, torn,
And once more in bitter sadness with reasons justified screamed,

You are the most important person in my life.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2014.

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