Pledge Of The Lost Dreamer.


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I will, I will, I will I screamed,
But the passing time in fearful surprise looked,
As some twisted fate never allocated space,
For my love in your heart, O’ sweet heart.

Stories to you I told, stories about you I told,
And with you to stand I tried,
But the mocking world, the brutal world,
Made me a scavenger of the love you left.

I will, I will, I will I again and again wept,
Like a child holding pebbles beside the river I stood,
Holding on to the wonderful memories,
I weaved from the titbits I scavenged,

Of a shattered dream with you I wished to see,
But lost my own ways in a dream you never knew,
Every bit of my love Ah’ I saved to give you in fulfilment,
Now as titbits I sat and in tears scavenged.

I will, I will, I will Oh’ I sworn,
To erase my sorrow and to dream.
A thousand years of sadness I will take,
For one happy dream in which I make you smile.

And weave a memory from that smile making life tenseless.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2016.

Her Prayer



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The night shook away the last of light,
And darkness even into the depths of soul unraveled,
Wilder and wicked souls found ways through the dark,
And the milder and soft souls in fear of the unknown shook.

Clouds with the pollutions of brutal mankind rolled up muscles,
Oh’ mankind know not that the gift of life blends into the Nature,
Still greed and the greed on greed makes mankind, unkind,
Nature waits with an arsenal of calamities filled with vengeance.

Men and Women who were born with crying mouths and hunger,
Ah’ their hunger now with lust and luxury filled in the mockery,
Mockery of their meaning, meaning none but the divine knows.
Still they construct what the divine created and claims creativity.

In the depth of it all, the sinister ramblings of the one everyone knows,
But everyone thinks they defeated that one with everything they can,
Ah’ the good of you he eradicated, the bad of you he owns,
And the deviance from Godly into your soul he always murmur.

I wandered through my meditations through the dark,
I defeated none, I was not defeated by anyone,
Still no fear entered my soul as with emptiness it suffocated,
And then the morning woke far, bleeding the darkness of night.

Fires of the east, chariot of the sun ah’ poets called mornings,
Still beside the giggling stream I saw the might of creation,
And bowed I before that might, the might of the Almighty.
Then in the depth of my soul I felt, felt the might of love.

Away from me she maybe,  still left a prayer for my happy day!.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2017.

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An Important Person.


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Bring to me the light of morrows for me to see,
How wonderful and sweet are those eyes,
Burying in your soul when in gladness you smile.
The pleasures those smiles bring to my mind,
And the fascinating dreams they kindle.

Dreams that told tales of romance,
Dreams that held my hands and flew,
Dreams that merged past, present and future,
And gave me the essence of all in reality,
You are the most important person in my life.

Forgiveness of misgivings of the past,
Filled with the joy of present day smiles,
When gathering love of the future,
And holding your hands in holy celebration of romance.
Oh’ hope found life upon hopes and lived on.

Every moment I live and every bit of my life unfold,
Hope they bring peace to you the queen of my dreams.
My sincerity to your love found life, in the sanctity of my love.
Incomplete thoughts, dreams and romance, torn,
And once more in bitter sadness with reasons justified screamed,

You are the most important person in my life.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2014.

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A Smile From The Dirty Pond


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The clouds scattered and into deep sleep they fell,
As darkness wrapped around them like a magic spell,
Crooked minds found wicked gladness,
And their mind without even a blink of light, grown darker.

Silence became a myth mind never searched,
As between clouds twinkling stars I found,
Oh’ to many they are the lucky stars,
To others just blinkers in silence far, far away.

Looking at those stars many memories I can scavenge,
A smile or two some of those memories upon face may paint,
Most just blink like those stars and fade away,
Avoiding all distractions some sure will make me weep.

One memory where I heard no sounds at all,
And blindfolded I chased and chased to hold it close,
Oh’ I chased and chased to know if it will make me weep,
Or will it make me smile, ah’ it chose to hide behind distractions.

Night have passed bright light filled mind too,
Shallow thoughts floated and became assumptions,
That bloomed like a lily in a pond with mud and dirt filled,
When holding the flower up from dirt I remembered.

The beautiful smile of her who always brought out the good of me.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2013.

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A Mischievous Mirage


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Eradicate from mind all doubts and fear,
For in my mind I hold no grudge for you dear,
Give me a smile filled with your love,
As that smile holds the healing for all our fear.

For every mischiefs in the past to you I apologize,
But your forgiveness is a naughty little wind unflown to me,
You are my mind, you are my reality,
Or all I am will be a mischievous mirage.

To bless me with your love to God every conscious moment I plead,
As I know no better blessing God can give,
As in every smile of yours God with audacity filled,
The magnificence of his power of creation for world to see.

Whisper to me a word of care,
As I know in your words filled are the blessings,
That will forever erase every bit of pain from my heart,
Whisper to me the will of your love.

Or scold me for the mischief of love I felt for you,
And never will I write any word with your image in mind,
And never will I love any creation of God,
And the rest of my days in prayers for forgiveness I will spend.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.


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Last Drops Of Tears



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Upon a shore once I stood,
And the cool breeze’s caress upon my face I felt.
And waves in curves rolled upon the shore in ecstasy.

Upon the hill once I stood,
And the naughty wind blasting upon my face I felt,
And the streams danced underneath with passion filled joy.

Upon the sand dooms of desert once I stood,
And the naughty winds hands through showering sands I felt,
And the earth underneath flown up with the wind enlightened.

Burying passions of my love I now stand,
And the naughty wind sharing my sadness, stood still,
And the earth underneath in tremors wept.

The shore, hill and desert all as monuments stood,
The wind flown through the monuments lazily,
The earth still mourned with my heart.

Nature so much into my soul filled,
So my feelings in Nature I see,
Still energetic and wonderfully beautiful.

The beauty of life through every feeling I understand,
This be another feeling, of lost love I learned,
Holding a handful of sand I shed, last drops of my tears for love.

© LonelyPoet – All Rights Reserved -2007. From the collection of poems “Romantic Feelings.”.

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The Unreturned Smile.


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The Unreturned Smile.

The summer winds sweat under the merciless sun,
And the birds sat under the leaves with dried out mouths,
People undressed uncaringly as blood boiled in veins,
Nothing bothered a lost heart as he walked in crowd.

Images of the past again and again played,
Through his mind where every image completed,
With her smiling face and her caring gestures,
But Oh’ his likes and feelings took an orphaned walk.

Silence calibrated his mind to celebrate,
When speechless before reality he sat.
A reality that blurred every imagined image,
When romance swept away into the unknowns.

Though filled with dry heat the wind spread her wings,
And all around him like a naughty little child she flew,
Wiped from his cheeks some of the falling sweat,
Knowing more than sweat fell from his face.

Then to his soul in whispering voice she asked,
“Oh dear, my dearest, what happened to your pretty smile?”
He walked without a thought and then his soul replied,
“I gave it to a girl who never returned it”.

The wind wept along and the world rejoiced in the falling rain.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

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The Fantasy Of Fear

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Serpents fell from trees where she walked,
And she passed them by without fear,
Fires broke from the lightning that stuck,
And she smiled and welcomed the blessing.

The wind cracked the tree limps that fell beside,
And with sadness she looked at her favorite tree,
The storm danced all around her and she stood still,
Prayed for the world and to the needy she ran.

Darkness brewed the unknown in the darker skies,
The zodiac moved and the lucky stars retrograded,
Ah’ she prayed for them too and smiled at fate,
Fate from every corner of horizons wrapped.

As the strength in her soul grew with her,
Ah’ an unusual word from an unusual face,
A dark dot touched a brightening dream,
And she woke to the reality and saw love.

Smile ran around her to find a reason to sprout,
Upon her face a shadow till this day unknown,
A threat it was not, as all that was echoed around,
Were the words of love, written in verses new.

Fear grew through her spine and consumed her to say “No”.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved -2018.

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From Loveless Actions To Fulfillment.



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Tired legs along unrighteous paths dragged,
Sounds in mind to thunders in nature dubbed,
And phantoms of gone by days wandered,
In dark cloaks, barefooted and with smiles mocking,
The realities like wild creepers all over me creeping.

Oh every reality through reasons unknown torn,
And with unearthly nightmares bound.

No more wonderful feelings felt,
To nurture every loving feeling for you felt,
As with the phantoms your images merged,
Images your loveless actions from my mind plucked.

Though no words to each other we spoke,
Words that meant what in our hearts we felt,
Those feelings through silence as orphans wandered,
As each other in daily chaos of life we missed.

Occasional smiles and exchanged words became threads,
That weaved a wonderful daydream in soliloquy spoke.
All around I turned tyrant conscience stubborn stood,
As leaving you was not an option fate aloud read.

The wonders of new days and smiles sprouting out of souls,
Ah’ we are each other’s life, each other’s love,
And to the world we are one soul united in fulfillment,
Of years of childhood, adolescent and youth.

May the smiles of The Divine be upon you always.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2018.

Photo by Alexander Solodukhin on Unsplash