From A Withered Life


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From A Withered Life.

Words out of mind came,
Like the mid-spring springs flowing,
As her smile melted frozen hearts,
Leaving eyes in happiness glowing.

In her presence silent none remained,
As her gladness she shared,
And inspired the desperate to be cheerful,
Sad to be glad, cheerful to be happy.

With her presence, unloved feel loved,
Those alone, her heart beat they heard,
And the care of a soul filled with life,
Oh’ care of a simple human all felt.

Lovely like a dove,
A heart filled with love,
Oh sure she is a blessing to all, from above.

Far across lands many minds in hopes awoke,
Sleepless I laid, breathless I sat,
Took the quill I once in despair of romance down laid,
At her smiling image I once more looked
And verses in my thoughts filled with dreams I wrote,
About hopes of love and love in hopes,
As every bit of life withered, rejuvenated in her smile.

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Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

The Laughing World


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The Laughing World.

Pleasing smiles upon my face come,
When in thoughts of you I plunge,
My days and nights to everything else, unknown.

Sweetness tasted, sourness forgotten,
Gladness regained in dreams newly bloomed,
Love of two souls all around echoed.

Love a monster with pain filled,
Betrayed by time Oh’ our souls lived,
Another layer of life, away time torn.

Time can betray, life torn away,
Promises all became lies,
And your  lies made  me a better liar.

Better world, better sounds, souls searched,
The cry of her soul in her words heard,
For a closed door I looked back, a forgotten path back traced.

Wild woods grown deep, the forgotten path cannot be found,
Lost soul cried aloud, thunders of spring buried the cry,
Still heard, her crying soul, though her world all around laughed.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash